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March 3, 2014
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RPMware Site Options

So you’ve paid for your RPMware package and now you are ready to get started!

Stacked Menu Option:

menu 2

Here your customers will see all the categories out right and they will have their options in front of them. This is great for mobile use and smart phones as there is no hoover needed to display these groups.


Horizontal Menu Option:

menuThis is a little bit cleaner look, that allows for less nav bar content, when you hoover over the links it will open a box with additional options:



Sidebar Menu:

Links (small option)

link sidebar

This option allows for multiple categories to be listed and use less space. It looks a bit basic but serves its purpose for fast searching and easy to find options. We can customize the link/text color to match any logo or color scheme.

Button Sidebar (Large Option)

button sidebar


This feature takes a bit more space on the page, it offers an easy to read style and offers a customization based on background color and text color. (red button/white text in this example)

Feature Products:

featured products


This section is easy to update and displays a link/image of featured items you want to focus on. With a 4 product wide grid, you can select any active product in your catalog. The RPMware system will sort this in alphabetical order, which is not editable.